Aftermath of the alleged gas attack on Douma, an evolving narrative: Part 2


a map of potential confrontation

Two days since we posted the first part of this and much has happened. Rumours abounding, threats flying. And a belated sense of fear and disquiet developing in some quarters of the media.

There is still no evidence any chemical attack occurred in Douma at all, and even less for who may have been responsible should it turn out to have occurred, but still the crazed narrative hurtles on with all the energy and disregard for reality of an hallucinating junkie. A new “coalition of the willing” (involving the US, France, UK, and some Arab states) seems to be forming, bent on “punishing” the Assad government for the potentially non-existent attacks. Those suggesting there should be a wait for evidence risk being called “Assad apologists” by people like Michael Gove.

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