Western Hegemony Versus Russian Sanity


by Mark Taliano

One of the unstated goals of imperial warfare is to make hapless civilians pay a price for having the temerity to be born in a targeted nation.

Prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq, for example, the Western oligarchies imposed sanctions which destroyed water treatment infrastructures and killed about 700,000 children, and about 1 million other innocent Iraqis. These consequences were all planned and projected.  There was nothing accidental about the mass killings. It was simply imperial punishment for living in Iraq. Part of the calculus for such barbarity is that Imperialists hope that such punishments will demoralize local populations, and possibly make them reject their leaders.  It falls under the euphemistic categories of “destabilization” and “collateral damage”.  More accurately, it is targeted mass murder.

Why did the Western oligarchies choose to destroy Iraq and its people?  It had nothing to do with Weapons of Mass Destruction…

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