Why the West Can Never Defeat or “Forgive” Russia


by Andre Vltchek, for New Eastern Outlook

Historically and intuitively, Russia has fought for the survival of humanity. Of course, things are not always pronounced or defined in such terms. However, already on several occasions, this enormous country has stood up against the most mighty and evil forces that have threatened the very survival of our Planet.

During the Second World War, the Soviet people, mainly Russians, sacrificed at least 25 million men, women and children, in the end defeating Nazism.  No other country in modern history has undergone more.

Right after that victory, Russia, alongside China and later Cuba, embarked on the most awesome and noble project of all times: the systematic dismantling of Western colonialism.  All over the world oppressed masses stood up against European and North American imperialist barbarity, and it was the Soviet Union that was ready to give them a beacon of hope, as…

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A multi-polar world has emerged


Remarks by Stephen F. Cohen Professor Emeritus Princeton University and New York University At San Francisco Commonwealth Club, November 18, 2015

Some of you may know that the small group of us who have been protesting against the American policy since the Ukraine crisis began two years ago have been described in harsh and derogatory language as “Putin’s apologists, Putin’s useful idiots and Putin’s best friends in America.”

Paris should have changed everything but for these people it hasn’t. I clicked on the Internet this morning and there it was again.  So let me begin with a word about myself.

My answer to these charges is that, “No,  I …. not you, am a patriot of American national security,”  And I actually have been since I started studying Russia about 50 years ago.

I started out in Kentucky and then went to Indiana University, and old friends here today can…

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But Ankara, we got a (huge) problem


by Pepe Escobar
Originally published as What’s Erdogan’s Game in Syria and Turkey, December 7, 2015

The — predictable — reaction across the West over the Russian Defense Ministry’s very serious denunciation of Ankara embedded with ISIS/ISIL/Daesh still begs to be regarded as no less than astonishing.

The actual evidence is not even discussed by Western corporate media. It’s all dismissed as “Russia claims…” Yet not only Sultan Erdogan has been systematically unmasked as a serial liar; the accumulating evidence points to Ankara both as an indirect ally and shady sponsor of the fake “Caliphate.”

Whatever the Atlanticists can come up with to “excuse” the Erdogan system, at least the devastating PR debacle for the “democratic West” is now a fact of life all across the Global South.

At the same time an elaborate shadow play is in progress. NATO issues non-denial denials — after all it can never…

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The smell of war is in the air…


Original: Publizist.ru / Nikolai Yurenev
Translated by Gleb Bazov / Edited by @GBabeuf
CVo11U_U8AA0fiO.png-largeThe putrid smell of war draws near. It is still difficult to make out, and for many—altogether impossible, but war is coming for us. As for me, I have not been able to shake off the feeling that the Third World War has already begun. For now, we still deceive ourselves that these are only local conflicts and nothing more…

But the ranks of our friends are catastrophically dwindling, while enemies grow in number…

Today, Russia has already opened two fronts: the Ukrainian in the Donbass and the Syrian. The third one—Turkish—is on its way, and from there, God knows where else.

There is still no single battlefront in this war. It is localized in all the corners of the globe. Historians will one day identify its starting point—the genesis of the Third World War. Perhaps this…

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