The Plunder of Russia in the 1990s

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An old Russian gold mining town…….

The other day I was surprised to learn that Jeffrey Sachs, the creator of “shock therapy” capitalism, who participated in the looting of Russia in the 1990s, is now NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top adviser for health care. So we in NY will get shock therapy, much as the Russians did two decades ago. Here is a story I wrote for The Wanderer in 2000:

How Clinton & Company & The Bankers Plundered Russia

by Paul Likoudis (May 4, 2000)

In an ordinary election year, Anne Williamson’s Contagion would be
political dynamite, a bombshell, a block-buster, a regime breaker.

  If America were a free and democratic country, with a free press and
independent publishing houses (and assuming, of course, that Americans were a
literate people), Williamson’s book would topple the Clinton regime, the
World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the rest of…

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The Updated Military Strategy of the US: Ambiguity and Dominance

by Andrey Panevin

We are more likely to face prolonged campaigns than conflicts that are resolved quickly… that control of escalation is becoming more difficult and more important… and that as a hedge against unpredictability with reduced resources, we may have to adjust our global posture.”

These lines from the chairman’s foreword to the The National Military Strategy of the United States of America, 2015 provide the greatest insight into the view that the United States has on world affairs. While being essentially bound by US exceptionalism it presents an uncompromising analysis of the future that faces all of us. Most importantly it acknowledges that:

  • Wars will be longer.
  • Crises will continue to escalate rapidly and out-of-control.
  • The US will adjust its ‘global posture’ and introduce new methods of warfare.

These characteristics of future conflicts reinforce “the need for the U.S. military to remain globally engaged to shape the security environment and to…

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