Foreign Subscibers: Abandoning South Stream Pipeline by Russia Is Brilliant Move

Cancellation of the South Stream Project at the end of 2014 initiated an active discussion among readers of the foreign press. Some of them are sure that the decision to close the project can be considered as a sign of Russia’s business foresight.


Moscow, December 2—RIA Novosti. Readers of foreign publications started a discussion about how closure of South Stream pipeline project and expansion of Blue Stream capacity would affect the well-being of the EU member countries, as well as how relations between Russia and Turkey would develop further.

Thus, reader of FTCheetah43 wrote: “It would be mutually beneficial for Russia and Turkey, which imports most of the natural gas from Russia. Just look at the map to see that the gas supply to South Europe through Turkey is more logical than constructing an underwater pipeline to Bulgaria; the latter borders with Turkey. That highlights Turkey’s ability to pursue…

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