URGENT STATEMENT of the Russian MFA, August 15, 2014


Original: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov
Edited by S. Naylor

Statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Connection with the Attempts to Derail the Delivery of Humanitarian Aid to Those Suffering from Hostilities in the Southeastern Region of Ukraine


The attempts to create new and greater obstacles in the way of the delivery of Russian humanitarian aid to the civilian population of Donbass cause deep concern. The implementation of this mission has entered its final stage. In discussions with the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and the International Committee of the Red Cross (“ICRC”), we were able to reconcile practically all the key parameters of the transfer to the intended recipients of food, medicine and other essentials.

At the same time, there are forces that intend not simply to deprive the population of the Southeast of Ukraine of…

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