ISIS Terrorists Trained in a US Base in Turkey

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ISIS Terrorists Trained in a US Base in Turkey
Published 19-06-2014
Members of the terrorist organization, ISIS, which killed thousands of people in Iraq and Syria, are alleged to be trained in the US İncirlik Base in Adana, Turkey.

According to Turkish media sources, it has been discovered from Washington that ISIS members received their training in Turkey, and that the Riyadh administration is funding $3 billion for this terror organization.  A senior official from Iraqi government confirms that one of the training camps of the ISIS is located near the Incirlik Air Base in Adana Turkey.

Last week, the main opposition party, the CHP’s MP Sezgin Tanrikulu, brought to the agenda the fact that four Turkish intelligence officers trained the insurgents linked to the ISIS terror organization in Iraq. These four Turkish intelligence officers were taken into custody by the Iraqi soldiers, and their confession brought to the agenda of the assembly by Tanrıkulu.


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The Causes of the MH17 Crash are “Classified”. Ukraine, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium Signed a “Non-disclosure Agreement”



On August 8, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium signed a non-disclosure agreement pertaining to data obtained during the investigation into the causes of the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17

In the framework of the 4-country agreement signed on 8 August between Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia, information on the progress and results of the investigation of the disaster will remain classified.

This was confirmed at a briefing in Kiev under the auspices of the office of the Prosecutor General Yuri Boychenko. In his words, the results of the investigation will be published once completed only if a consensus agreement of all parties that have signed the agreement prevails.


Anyone of the signatories has the right to veto the publication of the results of the investigation without explanation.

Following the signing of this agreement, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ratified the agreement and allowed for the participation of …

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We Did Not Go to War, the War Came to Us!

Original: Cassad.Net / Interview by Victor Shapinov
Translated from Russian by Inessa Chabalina
Edited by S. Naylor


Militiaman with the call name “Artem” – my old comrade from “Borotba.” Before the war, he organized the working-class youth of Donbass in the struggle against fascism and capitalism, built a local cell organization. When the war started, he could not stand aside and joined the militia. Now “Artem” is wounded in the hospital and I had a chance to talk to him.

– Comrade, tell me how you got into the militia?

– When Maidan events just started, I had a feeling that this time the opposition would move on into a more dangerous stage. Compared with the “Orange” revolution in 2004, in 2014 there were already many organized, prepared, nationalist youth with good financing. The Ultras’ groups had grown and matured. Therefore, there was a feeling that this time they will pass…

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Novorossiya Military Briefing – Situation by August 17, 2014

Map: Hostilities in Novorossiya, August 6-15, 2014


Link to Novorossiya Military Briefing – Situation by August 16, 2014

22:00 (UA) – Aug 16 – Military Briefing

Original: Yurasumy LiveJournal
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

Right away, allow me to make a reservation. Some of the information has yet to be confirmed. It is provided here for the purpose of presenting a fulsome overview of the situation.

Counter-offensive of the DPR Army

In the evening, the situation with respect to the counter-offensive of the DPR Army began to started to become clear. The strike has been made. However, it did not come from the direction of Ilovaisk. One of the columns is attacking Blagodatnoye from the side of Torez. At the time this was written, there was no information as to who controls the village, but the units of the Junta to the north of Saur-Mogila were cut off in the…

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Goodbye Moscow, Hello Moscow – March 1, 2006


Original in  Spanish March 1, 2006
Author: Carlos Ramírez Powell
Edited by S. Naylor

Since the end of WW II European dependence on soviet energy supplies has been a fact of life that everybody tries to forget nowadays. With the exception of Romania, the countries behind the “Iron Curtain” received unlimited amounts of fossil fuels at giveaway prices.

In contrast with Cuba – which suffered a catastrophic disappearance of fuel shipments when the Soviet Union broke up – Eastern Europe kept receiving oil, natural gas, and refined products without too much turmoil on the pricing front because they were still, more or less, under the Russian sphere of influence. With time, the network of gas pipelines grew throughout Europe and became of primary importance in the German energy supply equation.

In these years of the comeback of the geostrategic vision of Russia, with the eccentric phase of neoliberal free market…

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URGENT STATEMENT of the Russian MFA, August 15, 2014

Original: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov
Edited by S. Naylor

Statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Connection with the Attempts to Derail the Delivery of Humanitarian Aid to Those Suffering from Hostilities in the Southeastern Region of Ukraine


The attempts to create new and greater obstacles in the way of the delivery of Russian humanitarian aid to the civilian population of Donbass cause deep concern. The implementation of this mission has entered its final stage. In discussions with the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and the International Committee of the Red Cross (“ICRC”), we were able to reconcile practically all the key parameters of the transfer to the intended recipients of food, medicine and other essentials.

At the same time, there are forces that intend not simply to deprive the population of the Southeast of Ukraine of…

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Flight MH-17 Likely Shot Down By Kolomoisky NATO Coordination: Russia Issues Arrest Warrant For Ukrainian Oligarch Kolomoisky.

Political Vel Craft

Murderer Igor Kolomoisky Murderer Igor Kolomoisky

Moscow’s Basmanny Court has warranted the arrest of Ukrainian oligarch and Dnepropetrovsk region governor Igor Kolomoisky, the Interfax news agency reports. The court thus granted the Investigative Committee’s request for Kolomoisky’s arrest. Kiev, Ukraine’s False Flag Plane Shoot Down

Earlier, the Investigative Committee brought criminal charges in absentia against Kolomoisky and Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

Both are accused of using prohibited methods and means of warfare, committing murders and kidnappings under aggravating circumstances and preventing journalists from doing their professional duty.

Hey Joe! Ukraine’s President Resigns: Parliament Blocks Oil From European Union Ownership: ” Biden’s Fading Dreams Of Controlling Ukrainian Wealth”

Kolomoisky and Avakov were both put on the internationally wanted list.

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